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    Hi Guys. I'm getting a problem with BEYOND loosing it's projector settings when I disconnect my interfaces. It's okay if I don't run BEYOND with the interfaces disconnected, but say I take my laptop away to work on a show, next time I plug in the interfaces all of the projector settings (scanner speed, colour settings, name etc) are completely gone - loading the previously saved Projection Zones or Workspaces doesn't help. Any suggestions? Cheers.

    Okay, I've resolved the issue - I've uninstalled Build 523 and reinstalled 509, and the problem has gone!
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    Hi Illumashroom,

    This is known problem introduced in recent builds of BEYOND. Problem already reported and I sent a build for a test.

    Build 509 used BEYOND.INI file for saving the settings, and separate file for Color Settings. Newer version of BEYOND use one file that contain all settings of the projector. It should be more confortable and easier to support.

    The fix made yesterday, waiting for confirmation from testers.

    Best Regards,

    Alexey Sinitsyn,
    Software developer.
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    Many thanks Alexey.