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  1. Arcane

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    Hi again,

    Why is it on some computers i get low fps and others i get high fps?
    My new desktop with all high end components only gets 10fps, when my older laptop gets 80+fps on the same workspace, same cue. Both running the latest windows 10.

    Is there anything that effects FPS in windows? Processes or limitations in network priority?
    Is there a checklist or application that i can use to find out what's causing these issues?

  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Are you certain that the connection is not going through wifi?
  3. Arcane

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    It still happens when i hook the FB4 straight into the PC. Is there some sort of checklist to work though for troubleshooting low fps?
  4. absolom7691

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    Does your hardware monitor show any CPU spikes or high memory loads? Have you tried disconnecting your PC from the network and running Beyond? If running anti-virus software, try disabling before running Beyond.

    This won't help you suss out the problem but try setting the CPU affinity for Beyond to not use core 0 of your CPU. Most system processes use core 0 and Windows 10 has a lot of system processes running. Setting Beyond to not use core 0 will force to use a potentially idle core which could improve things.
  5. stok

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    I just discovered that my midi mapping from the apc20 was causing a problem like this(low scanrates, UI controling delays). Cleared the midi mapping. Made a new one. Problem solved here. Maybe something simulair. Maybe a small configuration difference?
    Good luck
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