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  1. tourlightsaustralia

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    I have a very high spec computer yet the frame rate for 5 zones (1 laser projector per zone) gets below 10fps when playing back even the simplest of beyond clips.

    Each projector has an inbuilt QM2000 Dongle and is on its own network.

    Also, I want to know if there is an easy way of exporting clips from LivePro and putting them into Beyond?
  2. ENOT

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    We recommend to use FB3 or FB4 hardware with BEYOND software. This hardware designed specially for streaming. QM2000, LD2000 and ST2000 is one solid construction that works great together, and based on very different conception. BEYOND work the best with FlashBack series.

    Regarding LivePro content, The frames and abstractions may be transferred easily. Regarding the effects and a clips as a whole - this is a complex, multi dimensional question. Right now this is not implemented.

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    Export as LDS-FILE

    Sorry .... wrong tread!
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    I haven't this problem with 2 board and one fb3.
  5. neutrino

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    Does version 2.1 have a better frame rate when using I have three systems that I don't really want to replace with FB3 or FB4. Unless of course you offer an exchange program.