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    Can we get some instructions or guidance for implementing midi controllers with Beyond? Even a link to a good website detailing how to setup input and output so that the controller will respond to Beyond states, and Beyond will respond to controller commands... I am trying to use the Novation launchpad, which seems to be a good product, but honestly I am lost...
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Greg; I have passed this one up the chain. I need schooling on MIDI and DMX... :eek:
  3. ENOT

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    General information.

    1. Select MIDI device in "MIDI Device settings" dialog.
    2. Open "MIDI Surface settings" dialog. It allow assign MIDI messages for the Grid, Live Control tab sliders, and buttons in main toolbar.

    More detailed control available by means of Scripting/Code. "MIDI to Code" dialog allow define a script for MIDI messages. Altenrative is Code tab that will execute a scripts based on WaitForMidi command.