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  1. steve milani

    steve milani Member

    Hi all guys!

    I need a giant help....:eek:

    I should (urgently) need to create an effect, music drived, that have to show alike an "oscilloscope" line (I mean: a wave with different and multiple peaks, synchronized with audio in timeline).

    Somebody can help me?

    Thanks a loooooot for any suggestion.
    Any detailed infos and/or instructions will be higly welcomed!:D

    Steve Milani
  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Steve,

    Take a look at PDF files that comes with BEYOND - Realtime Audio, Shape, Effects.

    What for audio in. You should use Audio tab on button. This is real time recorder. It depends on motherboard and Windows... there is audio mixer, and there is ability to record from audio mixer. Read about this in google. We had a post about this at Pangolin forum too. OK, if not you can not use audio mixer for this purpose, then an option is mic, or line-out line-in cable with/without mixer.

  3. steve milani

    steve milani Member

    Thanks a lot Alexey! I'll do!:welcome:
  4. Mwyszynski

    Mwyszynski New Member

    recording osciloscope for good?

    I just started my adventure with lasers and this software and I really wanted to do this effect as well.
    Your advise was very helpful and I managed to create laser osciloscope effect and that is awesome! :)

    However I still have one more problem. I'd like to "save" my osciloscope effect into the cue, so I can put it into the show which is guided by external timecode.
    But this effect seems to listen only to realtime audio.
    Is there any way to save some seconds of this osciloscope and use later, when the music is off (or speaking more precisely, played from different source?)

    BTW this is my first post here, so... Hello :)