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    For those who have had any real in depth experience with LivePro, you might agree that being able to use ProTracks in Beyond is a major plus. However extremely limited. Especially with Midi mapping.

    Has anyone had any luck with ProTrack functioning similar to LivePro and or midi mapping?

    Pangolin - is there any intention to develop this side of the "Live" capabilities of ProTracks to function similarly to what LivePro did with Midi Mapping?
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  3. ENOT

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    If you are looking for external control of a ProTracks then take a look at Object Tree window, and it will show all properties of ProTrack objects. It can be used in MIDI to PangoScript tables.

    Limited... well, it depends... . this area need some extra work, but I would not use word limited.

  4. Francesco van Loon

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    Currently I'm setting up two APC40 MK2 controllers in Beyond with a custom written template.
    One APC controller is used to control ProTracks and trigger cues and the other APC is used for controlling FX grid and Universe.
    ProTracks is indeed a great tool for live control shows. As Alexey already said in his reply above,
    you can use the Object Tree and PangoScript/Commands to control ProTracks with Midi.

    Some options of ProTracks might currently not have a polished interface like you have for zone control but you can use PangoScript to Midi to have full control.
    If you have specific "task" that you want to assign to a button or a slider that controls an element of ProTracks over Midi you can ask that here in the forum.

    By example:
    ToggleSelectProTrack 3 
    MidiOut 0x92, 0x33, 0x7F * ProTrack3.Selected
    When you set this PangoScript to execute when pressing a button on Midi controller it will Toggle Select (select or deselect) ProTrack #3.
    After this it will send a Midi message to the controller to set the LED of the button On of Off depending if the ProTrack is selected or not.

    When ProTrack #3 is selected "ProTrack3.Selected has a value of "1".
    MidiOut 0x92, 0x33, 0x7F * ProTrack3.Selected
    MidiOut 0x92, 0x33, 0x7F * 1
    MidiOut 0x92, 0x33, 0x7F --> LED On

    When ProTrack #3 is not selected "ProTrack3.Selected has a value of "0".
    MidiOut 0x92, 0x33, 0x7F * ProTrack3.Selected
    MidiOut 0x92, 0x33, 0x7F * 0
    MidiOut 0x92, 0x33, 0x00 --> LED Off
  5. hawkintel

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    I did try the ProTrack Selected pangoScript, however wasn't able to select cues into the tracks nor effects into the track.

    I will look into this more using PangoScripts and hopefully get the functionality I am looking for.

    For me, the ability to select individual tracks and effect the geometry and rotation in a live environment is a major part of my shows. I also like to be able to select multiple tracks at once and manipulate them together.

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  6. Toby

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    Everything you listed is possible with ProTracks. We use pangoscripts and have the same, and extra functionality of LivePRO. Unfortunately there some key Beyond features that don't work with as you'd expect (or at all) with Protracks. Timeshift being the major one.