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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by eric.nola, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. eric.nola

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    I have been using the show list to make playlists of shows I play during my DJ shows and it works very well. I usually play 4 or 5 songs from within my DJ software, then a laser show song from a Beyond show list, and then mix back to regular songs from my DJ software (Virtual DJ).

    Is it possible to add a toggle button to the show list for "Single/Continuous" playback? This would be like a CD player's Single/Continuous feature where after one song is played in "Single" Mode the CD player "Pauses." When the CD player is in "Continuous" mode it plays the entire CD one song after another until all have been played. The Beyond show list currently acts like the "Continuous" mode and it is hard to fade to the next song in my DJ software without the next laser show in the Beyond playlist starting to play. This results in 2 songs playing in conflict with each other - one from my DJ software and the other is the next entry in the Beyond show list. After I start the song in the DJ software, I have to quickly ALT-TAB back to the Beyond show list and press stop. With the new feature added to Beyond, the playlist would be "Paused" after the current show ends and loads the next show WITHOUT playing it until "Play" is pressed.

    This would be a really great feature to have! Hopefully it is possible to add this to Beyond and many other users will also find it helpful.

  2. Garrett_502

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    I would save the shows to cues. You can set the cue to stop playing at the end, and then just trigger the next show/cue when you want to move on.
  3. Garrett_502

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    And you could make it even easier by triggering the show/cues with a midi controller and avoid having to tab back and forth from beyond and virtual DJ
  4. eric.nola

    eric.nola New Member

    That's how I used to do this. :) I used to save the shows as cues but I quickly ran out of memory (32-bit application limit) and started using show lists based on Alexey's recommendation.

    I have some shows that are Top 40, some classic rock, some special themed like N.O. Saints NFL team, etc. Some of these get played at only one type of event like a kids sock hop and some are crossover that get played at many different types of events or for different ages groups. I don't want to have to make separate, customized workspaces for different events and age groups, for programming, for "cue only" shows, etc. because then I would have to spend time managing the workspaces. It's much easier and faster to edit show lists and save them with different event names or different theme names.

    If the 32-bit memory space limit was not an issue I would revert to saving shows as cues in one "show" workspace so that I can play any show at any event. But then I would eventually hit the 64-bit limit and have the same problems.
  5. Stingray

    Stingray Beta Tester

    Why don´t you use the settings tab??

    There is a point like "Play Shows Continous" that can be switched on and off.
    On: One show after another will be played automatically
    Off: The playlist stops after every show when this one show is at the end

    Only two mouse-clicks to change... ;)
  6. eric.nola

    eric.nola New Member

    Thanks. I never noticed the setting in the RUN menu. That's exactly what I need. I just tried it and it works perfectly.