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    #01 lock start-finish (for static non oscillating effects)
    #02 drag and drop reorder position
    #03 duplicate effects (not only copy-paste)
    #04 UNDO-REDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #05 modulator (inward waves) in cue Effect
    #06 lock xyz scale
    #07 substitute effect. Now we add or delete the effect, we can't exchange it from the list
    #08 "multitasking" For example with the Advanced Image Synthesizer window opened I can edit the cues visualized in the workspace without close and open-->edit. I click on cue defined with the AIS and it will transfered automatically in this window without close it.
    Or Advanced Shape Editor and Advanced Image Synthesizer opened at the same time. Every adjustment on the first module is reflected on the second one.
    #09 ramp color with equidistant colors. I set some colors and a function will distribute the colors on the ramp.
    #10 ramp color: all key colors not blended or I can choose what color to blend. Some colors interpolated, some colors flat. I can decide what color I want to interpolate. Linear and logarithmic blending.
    #11 oscillating color effects. I can morph two different ramp of colors be continued
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