BEYOND Synchronisation

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  1. Illumashroom

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    Hi Guys. Has anyone tried syncing two instances of Beyond on seperate PCs yet? If so, what was your experience of the facility? Cheers :)
  2. bosik

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    i connect!!! the beyond on the notebook to pc with net cabel (100m) on notebook i setup the beyond in pc i have 4 ld2000 and this work great if you speak about this and if you work live on apc40 with 4 scaners its awesome
  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I have set BEYOND Networking up on my system to test something a Client wanted to do to have a "back up" system running in parallel with his show system incase something failed and it works flawlessly; I even used an "ILDA" (DB25) A/B switch set to test the outputs (since I am only using one projector) and am having no issues. Both of my computers have BEYOND open and when I select a cue on the "talk client" computer both the "talk client" and "talk server" project the frame I selected at the same time; I can switch the A/B switch and my projector will project the frame from both ILDA inputs. Just to verify, I have unplugged the "talk client" computer's ILDA cable from the A/B switch and I am now only getting output from the projector when the A/B switch is set to the "talk server" input; the "talk client" input is not producing any output from the A/B switch, proving the "talk server" computer's BEYOND is getting instructions from the "talk client" and also that the A/B switch system works.

    I did not change any of the Network settings; I only activated a check mark beside UDP - Broadcast Talk Client (on talk client computer) and UDP - Broadcast Talk Server (on the talk server computer). Make sure you are using the "talk client" computer to do the controlling.

    Well, I did have one small problem that I should bring up; when I switch the A/B switch my projector interlock gets broken and I have to hit he manual reset on my projector to get power back to the lasers...

    I would make sure you can get laser output out of both computers before setting either one up to send or accept UDP broadcasts, then set both computers up, one for Talk Client and the other for Talk Server, and test sending frames by clicking cues on the Talk Client computer.