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    Timeline -

    -I want the ability to have any cue of any kind stretch it's time to fill a timeline event completely, not just animations.

    - what is "Create Button"?

    - Transport tools at bottom of timeline - only play and stop work, not FF, RW, and back to beginning

    -Track number - has a little ! next to it - this means what?

    - Menu item "delete event" does not work - but delete key does, on second try every time

    -At some point, I right-clicked on an event and a different menu came up - included an item - "stretch time" - I need to find this again, and cannot find it. It might be what I need for all cues to fill the event time.

    -What is the difference between "Copy Content" and "Copy Event"?

    - What does "Dynamic - Expend" event menu item mean?

    - IMHO, while in timeline when you select "workspace" tab, it should take you the the cue grid page that you were last working upon
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    Hi Tim,

    These are GREAT questions, and I am glad you raised them here, so our answers can benefit everyone.

    Note that only some types of images have a known loop time. Some types are endless. This means that some “cues†can not be stretched, and therefore we need the duration.

    A universal solution is to define what the loop time (manually), and then stretch. When these things were implemented in QS, they had name “looperâ€. But this caused many questions and finally were removed...

    This gives you the ability to paint the event on a timeline. Go to Create mode, and on a timeline you can draw an Event.

    Other timeline programs may have many modes. For example, between five and eight separte modes! Check out Nuendo, Acid, Audition, etc. In our case, we tried to keep it simple, and have only two modes.

    The buttons you mentioned now work as “view area†control -- for example, as an addition to the slider on top. However, if you think that they also must change the cursor position, or/and influence the playback – let us know and we will add it.

    Tim, you've recently learned of my mental block with "just words". Please judiciously provide pictures with questions like this.

    Nevertheless, if we guess that you are talking about the Solo button. The icon is there, but I just checked it and it appears as though the feature is not working. We've made a note of this and will fix it.

    We are not able to confirm this. The only thing to pay attention – more than one key may be selected. The program deletes selected or/and focused key-point. Maybe that is the root of the matter.

    There are stretch options for the effects. The Event-menu do not have any stretch, I checked in IDE. I checked all menus, no. That is for effects.

    The Event contains a cue, and the cue contains “contentâ€. The content is what we see – images, sequences, etc. Event -> cue –> containers with playback options. Note that copy event may copy also multiple events.

    “Copy content†is needed if you want to take the content (which is contained within the cue, and within the event) and paste it into an editor, or into a separate cue, or something like that.

    It's a bit of a typo. Our chief programmer Alexey sometimes confuses the word "Expand" with the word "Expend".

    However, to fully answer your question, this will increase the height of the current line of the effect on a timeline. The "current line" will automatically increase the height, and goes back to normal height when it loses focus.

    We made a note, and we will review this. However, consider this. If it worked the way you propose, it may cause questions, such as “why did it change the page?, I was looking for my cue for ten minutes, and I should not have to do it again". Plus it changes the category as well.

    Thanks for the questions Tim and keep them coming!

    Best regards,

    William Benner