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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by planty, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. planty

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    I have a 200mw diode laser with the cambridge scanners, I would like a blanking scanner, Does anyone know where i can get one from.
    Thanks David
  2. Skybeamer

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    Blanking scanner? You could use near all sort of galvano scanners for blanking a laser beam. But try to use optics to make the laser beam very tiny, then you place a galvo mirror or something like that in a way that it is just not get hitting by the focused beam. Offcoarse when you need to blank, let the galvo move a little bit into the laser beam. And yes, you need optics to make the beam smaller, and to the normal size again. If you don't do that, the blanking speed is very slow, and stresses the galvo very high.
  3. aricha

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    try NML they used to have a xyz mount for CTI
    look in Medialas web site for blanking scanner

    good luck
  4. Pangolin

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    A 200mW laser diode should be small enough to directly modulate via the power supply. In general, this would be better than scanner blanking. If you use aluminum mirrors with 80% reflectivity on the blanking scanner and retro-reflector, you will get only 50% light throughput...

    If I were you, I would avoid blanking scanners, and try to find some modulator or modulatable driver to control the 200mW laser diode. This would likely be a less expensive way to go as well...

    Best regards,

    William Benner