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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by wyndspeed, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Everything worked fine running from my tablet till the "date issue." I updated to the newest version of quickshow, now I get no output. Green LED, driver shows up working fine, launches and recognizes the serial number in software but when I enable laser output - just yellow blinking. I can hear the projector scanning, but the beams aren't firing. Now what's REALLY strange:

    I have 2 identical tablets - both windows 8.1. The one I updated and one that hadn't previously installed quick show. On the fresh install - all good, everything works perfectly. On this one - no matter how many times I uninstall the program, the driver and even go in and manually remove the remnants of the driver - when I reinstall it still installs fine, looks like everything is working BUT blink yellow light. The only info I can find says this is due to a license issue - but if so how can I clear it up - what file / registry entry is blocking me from using my hardware on this computer????? yes I have 2 identical computers, but the other runs lighting software and I'd like to avoid completely reinstalling windows (which works fine otherwise) JUST to make this license issue go away - I want both computers to function with this FB3. I'm about to purchase another FB3 but I need to make it work on this tablet first. Any help on what files to delete to get a TRUE fresh/clean install would be super helpful. Thanks!
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    Please contact us directly for support.

    The FB3 is not limited to 1 machine. It should work on both.

    But support through email makes helping you much easier.

    Please contact us at support at (replace at for @)
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    Check your date on the one you did the update to that is not working (with yellow LED). I suspect you changed the date on the computer to get QS working but did not change it back after the update.