Blue DPSS Laser module, up to 200mw for sale

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    The following is the news from DPL, who design and maufacture diode pumped solid state lasers.

    Blue DPSS Laser module, up to 200mw at 473nm

    DPLTech brings you high quality innovative lasers to help with your work. Most of our lasers are given the highest reliability in industry. We provide extensive customer support and strive to always improve the quality of our products and our services.

    Blue DPSS Laser module at 473nm,up to 200mw, has the following features:

    Lasing Material Nd:YVO4
    Frequency Doubling Material: KTP
    Pumping Source: LD
    Expected Lifetime: >5000hours
    CW Output Power: 200mw
    Beam Diameter: <2mm
    Beam Divergence: <1mrad
    Power Stability: <2%(RMS,over 4hours)
    Startup Time: <5min
    Operating Temperature: 15-35 degree C
    Input Voltage: 90~240VAC, 50/60Hz
    Cooling System: Air & TEC
    Temperature control 1&2 stability:=0.1KO
    Temperature control 1&2 adjust range: 5K~20K
    Temperature control 1&2 maximum voltage:12V
    Temperature control 1&2 maximum current :3A
    Precision of current display :0.01A
    TTL modulation maximum frequency :20kHz
    Analog modulation maximum frequency: 2 kHz
    Laser Head Size(L*W*H): 155*60*54 mm
    Power Supply Size(L*W*H):157*80*55 mm

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