blue problem after fw upgrade

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  1. michelrietveld

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    Hi, using quickshow for 1 week now, yesterday i updated to software version 2.0, downloaded update from the website, the update also updated the firmware on the quickshow dac.
    strangely i now have a problem with my blue, when idle i see my blue glow but as soon as a signal is transmitted (modulation is up) the flexmod led turns red and the blue dies.
    For troubleshooting i connected my easylase II usb and ran the laser test utility, all fine, i started up old good spaghetti and every show runs fine with red, green and blue.
    As soon as i revert to quickshow i can play red and green but blue dies as soon as signal is applied.

    I copied back the backup files from quickshow but no luck.

    is there a way to revert back to the previous firmware to see if this is indeed the troublemaker or any other way to troubleshoot, have a slightly dissapointed group of people here for the old/new year party :confused:

    Michel Rietveld
  2. michelrietveld

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    second test

    did a quick second test, changed the modulation for the blue and put it in the connector of green, same issue, this is strange, then i lowerd the max modulation output to a value lower than 100% and now blue starts again, did the fw update also change the level of output?

    will troubleshoot some more tomorrow.

  3. michelrietveld

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    i got the following feedback from the person who designed the laser driver:

    "Based on your description, it's very likely the update has increased the peak modulation level. If your blue power supply is adjustable with a trimmer (5V I assume?), try bumping up the voltage a bit to, say, 5.4V and that should take care of it."
    end quote

    I am using a 5V power supply and will test this tomorrow, will keep this post updated with my findings.

    Question to Pangolin, is this the case? That the output level was increased with the new firmware?

  4. Cyberb0b

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    There is no way to downgrade to older firmware.
  5. michelrietveld

    michelrietveld Active Member

    i adjusted the voltage to the flexmod driving my blue to 5.5 volts and it seems to work better now.

    will run some more tests but so far looking good.

    Can anyone confirm that this fw version changed anyting in the output level? my red and green work fine, it only affected my blue. this is the only one with a flexmod so it can be as easy as adjusting the power to the flexmod to a higer voltage.