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    Firstly I Am Very New To Pangolin, ive been working with it for just over a month now and have the very basics down. Id now like to program a beam bounce mirror show, ive managed to do something very basic putting a beam a frame into the designer and stepping through them with the click of the mouse but id obviously like to do something alittle better, could anyone point me to any laymens guides on how to do this?

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    Create a frame in LD with a beam in the center
    The more dots in the beam the brighter it will be
    In ST drag that frame to a track & drag the Reset track effect from the effects list
    Go to Edit effect – a button to the left of the tracks
    At the top of the Effect Editor you can select the option of Name Description and Group
    Rename it - mirror 1
    At the top you will also see the option to Exit options
    And than select the Create a new effect
    The edit effect window will close and in the time line you will have your frame with a mirror 1 effect
    Go to edit effect again
    At the top right next to the Effect preview you will see a black bar - make it zero % - (that is zero time)
    On the left in the center of the page Click to add action
    Select position & OK
    Push the button that says X 0 Y 0 Z 0 and move slider X & Y to move the beam to were you want it & OK
    Select the Exit options at the top and select Change this effect

    Now copy that event and paste it right after the first one on the time line
    Now you have 2 events that have same frame and same effect
    Select the second event and go to edit effect
    Rename this effect and call it mirror 2
    Exit and select Create a new effect

    Go to edit effect again
    Push the button that says X Y Z and move slider X & Y to move the beam to were you want it & OK
    Select the exit at the top and select Change this effect

    Do that for as many mirror positions that you need
    All with this 1 frame
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    In some instances you will want to build an animation of frames in LD. Create a dot and add points until it has several hundred on points with a few blank points at the start and end. Copy and paste this frame as many times as you need and use the move tool to position it. Then in Showtime you can play the sequence, or portions of the sequence, forwards and backwards and loop it several times to get chases of whatever speeds you want.
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    Thanks alot guys I've done this and it worked a treat... Sorry like i said I'm alittle new .. How do I now export this to live pro.. Tried saving and opening the file didn't work.. Also How do I control the speed of the cue.. using the spacing on timeline?? or some other setting ???

    Thanks in advance