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    Could you please explain the difference between Quantize clicks and Hard Beat Sync buttons, as there is none in the help file..

    Just trying to tighten up my timing, so am wondering if these might be helpful for certain instances. Are they accessible from Pangoscript?

    Thanks :D
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    Quantize made for click time on the cue. It is pretty complex to click exacly in beat, and quantize allow adjust the time of click. It you click a bit sooner, or a bit later than beat/tempo, then BEYOND will adjust the time to click to "zero".

    "Hard Beat Sync". BEYOND and QS operate with two time "sources" - clock and beats. The beats controlled by BPM. There is system "metronome" - a timer that take care about beats. When you enable "hard beat Sync" then Cue Player take beat-time from the "system metronome". The usefull aspects of such mode - the beat based effects can not be desynchronized by definition. All beat based effects will receive the same value. It might be important if you design effects for 8 beats, 16 beats and do not want to have phase shift. When "hard beat sync" disabled, then each Cue Player calculate beats by itself statring from zero.

    Options are available as properties of Master object, see attached picture.

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