Brightness fader for one zone only

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  1. smokeAndMirrors

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    How can I fade up / down a single projector / projection zone and leave the other projectors / zones untouched?
  2. MrBeam

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    On live control panel, select projector zone (third tab).
    Select zone(s) you want to control,
    live control panel now only controls those zones, including brightness, colour, scan rate, visible points, etc.

    see page 2 of the Beyond LiveControl.pdf manual %)

  3. ENOT

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    Yes, correct. Live Control is main and simplest solution. The second idea is adding effect into Projection Zone and control it externally.

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  4. smokeAndMirrors

    smokeAndMirrors Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, I was over-thinking it a bit %)

    Is there really a live control PDF btw?
  5. smokeAndMirrors

    smokeAndMirrors Well-Known Member

    So now I've had a play, and I have to admit I am confused.

    I have 3 projectors, each with a zone. Left and Right are 1 and 2, centre is 3.

    I want a cue to start playing on zone 3, so I have a cue that has a "start" pangoscript:

    ClickLCTabMode 3 // 1-Master, 2-Cue, 3-Zone
    SelectZone 7 // zone index, 1..N.
    I have 2 other cues A and B that I want to fade up and down on zones 1 and 2. So I select the zones, bring the brightness down, select A and bring the brightness up. Great! Works fine.

    Now I want to drop the brightness and replace the currently playing cue on 1 and 2 with B. Problem. I cannot switch off the current cue on 1 and 2. Blackout kills everything including zone 3, and if I select B, it is added so that both A and B are now played on the projectors.

    I want B to replace A, not play as well as A. How?
  6. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Regarding the brightness. Such operator will set the brightness of 1st zone to 50%


    Zone indexing in such syntax starts from 1. Value of brightness in percents. Take a look at Object Tree window, you will see all parameters of Projection zones.
  7. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    A bit if theory, its very simple, but important. BEYOND play cue. BEYOND does not play Projection Zone or laser/projector. Cue may output to multiple zones, cue may use zone chase effect. So, the destination is not a constant. Think about audio player, same story here. Zone is a like a speaker. You can mute audio channel, but it does not mean that it stop the cue.
  8. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    LivePRO based on four tracks, four cue players. QuickShow based on dynamic players. You click on cue, software create player, you stop cue, and player will be removed. BEYOND has both - static and dynamic players. ProTracks represent static play that allow keep the settings even if you change the cue. And of course, there are dynamic players from QuickShow. Personally I think that ProTracks is better for scripting. You use is as a start point and then set what it should do - what cue to place, live control settings, time control, effects, destination. And, it is something that you can easily address.

    Regarding zones. Can you imagine that we block zone selection in Preview panel? What left in this case? Cue and Effect. Effect can easily operate with destination, add/set/delete zones from output path. Zone is a parameter :)

  9. smokeAndMirrors

    smokeAndMirrors Well-Known Member

    Thanks Alexey - the brightness control is via the APC40 fader so don't need this level of control (but it's useful to know) :)
  10. smokeAndMirrors

    smokeAndMirrors Well-Known Member

    OK... so the only way to get the result I want is to click the playing cue again to stop it before selecting the new cue?
  11. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Well, it is the most compact answer on your initial question in this thread :)