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    Hi All,

    I facing a problem with the master brightness fader.

    For example i have 2 lasers when i go to zone control and change the color for 1 of the 2 and the other is staying the same color. When i go back to master control mode, the not color changed laser can fade out the other one cant fade out, once my fader is totally closed it jumps off. Also Pulse fx is not working and look more like a flash at this point.

    I did look for several ways to bypass this, but i couldnt find a way so far. Does somebody have a solution for this?

    An other thing i found thats not works optimal, its the Cue timeshift object. it affects also the QuickFX. Is this problem going to fix or also a way to bypass it?

    Hope somebody could help me out!

    Thanks a lot already.
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    There are two option - master live control before zone live control OR master after zone control. You can select it in Configuration, Live control tab.

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    Hi Alexey,

    Super thanks!
    Now i only have to get used to it that the master fx are applied above zone fx.

    But now i have the problem the chaser quick FX are not working any more.
    Also the Timeshift over FX doesnt work than anymore.

    Second thing:

    The Cue time shift is also affects the FX. Is this just a software thing, or also something in the settings?
    I mean the Cue time shift by clock and beat.
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