Browsing Frames Visually - Is It Possible???

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Jem, Sep 24, 2007.

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    I'm VERY new to Pangolin Software and am just starting to understand some of the very basics of putting a show together. One of the problems i'm having is finding frames that I want to use in my shows. Pangolin package a HUGE amount of frames with the LD2000 software (thank you :)), but i'm finding it difficult to make much sense of them as most of the frame names are pretty much non-informative.

    Is there a way to easily visually 'browse' these frames?, something along the lines of a Windows folder in that you can select to view the files as thumbnails? This would of course make it so much easier for newbies such as myself to see exactly what's packaged with the software. I could then copy any frames that I found useful to a new folder on my hard drive awaiting import into Showtime.

    I hope i've made myself clear with the above request and not caused confusion. If there is already an easy way to do this please forgive my lack of experience. and tell me how to do it.


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    There are two ways to browse frames. One way is by using our "Enhanced File Dialog" boxes. In this way, you just use File/Open, and then just click on files and you will see what is inside each file.

    The second way is by using our "Clipart browser / Search engine". You can find this in the File menu. You can show all frames in a folder, all frames in all folders, or search for specific types of frames using this facility. Once you see the frames you want, you just click a few check boxes and say "Add to frame list" and it will automatically load them for you.

    I believe at least some of this is covered on the Tutorial DVD.

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