Built-in function generator modification?


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I have a dual axis compact 506 galvo system and the MACH-DSP servo driver. I have a very simple application I'd like to implement with a minimum of parts. I'd like to be able to generate independent sine waves for the two axes, e.g.:

x(t) = A*sin(w_x*t)
y(t) = B*sin(w_y*t + phi)

For such a simple application, I'd like not to use a function generator device. Would it be possible to update the firmware of the servo driver to accommodate this as another test pattern?
Yes, we know what you mean. The Mach-DSP already has a built-in function generator which implements what you wrote below, given the constraints that the frequency is specified as integer of Hz, and "phi" is always 90 degrees.

However, within the past few weeks, we've already expanded the number of waveforms in the Function Generator and we plan on expanding the functionality even further in the future, including the ability to specify waveforms, frequencies and amplitudes separately for the two axes. These can be implemented as a firmware update.

At the present time, we do not have a specific date when the proposed additional features will be completed. But if you need some alternative functionality immediately, please contact us directly to discuss how we can accelerate the development, or implement something specifically to your needs. Depending on the timeframe and complexity of your requirements, or how much they veer from our planned feature set, there may be a cost associated with implementing something just for you.

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Thank you very much for the response. I'm excited to hear that you are enhancing the internal function generating capabilities of the DSP. For my application I am interested in being able to set phi to arbitrary values between 0-360 degrees in steps of 0.5 degrees. If possible, I'd like to be able to specify frequencies down to 0.1 degrees to get a denser Lissajou pattern (closer to an irrational ratio between w_x and w_y). I will reach out directly about getting support for my usecase.

Sure each of these would be no problem and will be a part of a future addition to the system. However, right now we are working in other areas of development. If you'd like these done immediately, it is likely that you'll have to pay a little kind of customization fee. Please let our support team know of your requirements and timeframe.

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William Benner
Hi.....Function generators are worth having on the off chance that you're into circuit experimentation and certain angles of sound work. For collectible radio repair, they are not of much use. What you wish is an RF arrangement generator that covers the RF and In case frequencies of the radios you expected to work on. Appropriate tweak and an yield level control able of changing signals within the microvolt extend are fundamental highlights found indeed in essential RF generators, but you won't come over them in numerous function generators.
Yes indeed, the Mach-DSP has a lot of power and flexibility. We can program it to accomplish new things for interesting applications. Thanks for your input!