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  1. rafavolta

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    Hi I'm looking if anyone knows me some link or website address where you can buy graphics animations
  2. Garrett_502

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    animation packs

    there are quite a few other sites too that you should be able to find through google searches

    Pangolin shows has some free animations that you can download, but internatlaser is really the best place to buy animation packs. Their animations are really good. I purchased the XMAS package from them and it saved my life for a XMas show I was hired to do.
  3. rafavolta

    rafavolta New Member

    Thank you

    Thank you so much I appreciate it a lot
    kind regards
  4. rafavolta

    rafavolta New Member

    The animations that are looking for a very special kind of solemn event can not post or people dancing or dolls or cars, planes etc
    * because it is of alternating projections musica people in the memory
    So I'm looking animations of nature, landscapes sunrises, etc

    I am also looking but not Ecuentro many websites that make animations for laser or sale of animations

    Could you give me some direction more or link

    thank you very much