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Discussion in 'Laser Safety' started by lochness, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Hi ,

    Can we use Cat6 cable to connect a PC/QM200 with a new 1.2w green Laser with the proper ILDA male/female plugs either end?

    Sparky told us yes and fitted one but now suspect otherwise. :(
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    Yes, you should have no problem using Ethernet cabling to make an ILDA cable. ILDA signals are only analog so all you are doing is making a "path" for the signal to travel down.
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    Ok Thanks :)

    Was being told that I would need an adapter to make the cat6 into a Parallel Printer extension cable (as such if you get me) And there was an issue with frequency or something.

    Will wait and see when it arrives I guess. Our old QM32 finally retired after 13 years of flawless working ,every day for 8 hours ( except xmas day, we gave it that day off :) )
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    Ilda signal is analog
    This is the reason it have shield
    when you run long Ilda cable next to three phase electricity cables or dimmer cables you get lots of noise on your Ilda signal
    the best option is a QMNet next to the projector and keep your Ilda cable short
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    Thanks chaps :)
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    Well a cat6 cable wired correctly using correct plugs at each end works just fine. Ours is at least 30 meters from pc and runs without any interference. :)