call pangoscript from timeline events

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  1. Joyluca

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    i'm pretty new to Beyond so i apologize if i post easy questions.
    I wrote some pangoscript for trigger my DMX channels. How can i associate those script to a cue or an event on the timeline? If i set the script to "Autostart" it runs automatically at the begin of my show.

    thank you so much
  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Dear Joyluca,

    For the simple cases we recommend to use QuickDMX sequencer. For complex shows our clients use BEYOND together with some DMX system and sync the systems by the timecode, as example MTC. Please consider this option.

    PangoScript inside the Cue or Event as a main object is not recommended, and really is not supported. We did a tests, and this is not trivial task to execute the code as a timeline. What you can test is this.. Event of timeline allow define script “on enterâ€￾ and “on leaveâ€￾ (see the panel at bottom side of Event tab). You can put some code there, like DmxOut. The other option is command StartCode, it activate scripts in PangoScript tab. Positive side of this solution – you can put complex script in the PangoScript tab and at the timeline you will just start or stop it. The downside – scripts inside PangoScript tab are outside of the timeline, and will not be included into the timeline.

    What I want to say once again – it is possible to use PangoScript for DMX OUT, but it is more like a side effect. No doubt, as soon as time will allow, we will invest more time into the development of DMX subsystem of BEYOND.

    Best Regards,