Can achieve this function?

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    The scanner (galvo) speed is to low. You need a 30K or more speed scanner pair.
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    Certain things can't be answered on a forum. There simply isn't enough information given to aid in the understanding to the point where we can give a high-quality answer.

    Certain things require much more detail to be communicated. This detail can be communicated through email, or more preferably by telephone, or most preferably through a visual communications means such as Skype.

    Pangolin is available nearly 24 hours per day and nearly 7 days per week, at 1-800-PANGOLIN or +1-407-299-2088. We are also available by Skype at PangolinShows.

    For many problems and questions, indeed a forum is a quick, easy, and effective solution. But for other certain problems (especially those requiring details or the input of visual means), a forum is simply not effective.

    For this particular case, the answer is probably super simple, and can be conveyed in a 2 minute phone call.

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