Can BEYOND handle 10-bit midi pitch bend data?

Discussion in 'PangoScript, Universe and Midi Templates' started by meeble, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member


    I know that the Behringer BCF2000 faders output 10-bit midi pitch bend data. Can BEYOND handle that resolution correctly?

  2. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Thanks - I don't have one of those midi controllers, but I will try to locate one and do some testing...
  3. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    Can someone who has already setup basic midi in/out functionality with a BCF2000 and BEYOND post their midi template here? I'm sure I could figure out how to do it all from scratch, but why not ask and save some time. :)

  4. UpStage

    UpStage Member

    Can confirm yes it does work and quite well :) haven't got my box with the behringer template booted up at the moment but will do shortly ;)
  5. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    cool - thanks!

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