Can I ask a new effect in Beyond? (Pause)

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by whiteg, May 31, 2017.

  1. whiteg

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    I would like a BPM/ Time controlled Pause effect. Similar than Mute effect, but the cue projection is run but the all moving and transformations pause on the rhythm.
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  2. FlyingRays

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    I really support this request
  3. ENOT

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    You can always ask for new effect, it is welcome, and we will see what can be done. In case of "pause" effect it is not so simple as it seems. In many cases, effect is a function of time. Time is main parameter that define what effect would do. In case of "pause", effect should modify time, and this is opposite direction. Second detail - as a rule effect use the same time as "image", it is just easier. There are various places where the time stored and how it handled. In fact, the time calculation is pretty long and complex section on code It should not bother users, but in this exact case - user need understand all on 100% what will be paused. In ideal case - effect should always work the same independently from the place where it used, give predictable expected results, and so on. In cause it "pause"... I see a lot of questions. Typically it turns pretty badly.

    Mute cannot be compared with "pause". Mute simply turn point counter to zero, that is it.

    Typical action of effect is modification of a frame - changing coordinates, color, sample rate, and so on. Effect take the frame, does something with it, and give it out. Same as in case of audio/video processing. Effect dont not have own memory because it can be used in multiple places at the same time, think about Effect List of timeline, same effect can be used in multiple events.

    It might be possible to make such effect that will be linked to exact place, or effect that will have local action, as example, inside of "this" effect only. Well, it looks "marginal".

    There is some paradox too. If effect will control time... then it will stop itself too... so, it pause time, but time is a driving factor of "pause effect" too.

    Guyz, the most possibly there should be used some other idea. As example, changing of "rate of change" waveform, or something like that. Maybe some time modifier, but not a true pause
  4. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the reply and I hope you will find the best solution for the pause effect.

    Now, manual I click on / off the pause button the rhythm, but I would like if it work automatically.
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