Can I run two different zones chase effect same time?

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    How to run two different Zone chase effect same time? Is it possible?
    I would like run one Zone Chase effect hot beams cues in target beam zones (1,2,3,4...) and second Zone chase effect atmospherics (line, rectangle ect) cues in atmospherics zones (5,6,7.......) same time.
    I tried run two different chase effect in the FX line (mode 4 per line) but the last chase is overwrite the first.
    I don"t want if click the hot beam cues then dot cues is run in atmospherics zones when the atmospherics zone Chase effect is active. (How can this be prevented?)
  2. ENOT

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    Thanks for question! Yes, you can. There are several options.
    The first direction is Group mode, new in QS/B 4.0. You can run 1 destination effect in a group (in same color). I recommend to create simplest model, only 2 groups, and place several Destination effects in it. You will notice that you can play Destination effects in a group independently.

    Second direction ... ProTrack, which is just a static Cue player., If you will run chase effect in a protrack, then it will impact its own content. We have several ProTracks, each can play own zone chase effect.

    I guess, what you do now is FX on master label... this is OK method, bu you indeed can run one one chase, because other will redirect the output. Master is a "single" thing, that why you need separate "things" - cues, OR Players/Tracks, OR Groups :)

    I recommend to review, as well as Pangolin YouTube channel. Our great support team prepared new educational materials.

    Best Regards,
  3. whiteg

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    Thank you Alexey, i will try these functions :)