can not imported gif, from last update

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by fredf57, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. fredf57

    fredf57 New Member


    I had pangolin update for the date (1er fevrier 2014) and quicktrace say for *.gif
    "format non supported"
    I can't imported gif ?

    Can you help me

    Before i can imported gif on quicktrace


    My english is no good sorry
  2. waxweazle2001

    waxweazle2001 New Member

    Is this Problem now solved?

    I'm a newbie in Quickshow and I also want to import gifs with Quicktrace but I only can import normal Images. But if I have a gif and I split it in separate bitmaps I must import all the Images separately and merge them.

    So is there a chance to import gifs now with Quicktrace or a Plugin to a ILDA-Laserimage without importing any bitmaps separately and merge them?
    Is there any solution to merge the separate Pictures in one Sequence with one click without open any Laserimage and copy it to clipboard and merge it in the Mastersequence?



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