Can QS 4.x assemble QuickTrace line are frames into a repeating animation (yes/no) ?

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  1. I'm new to QS, bought it 2017, played with it a bit, became very discouraged because the manual is outdated and screenshots do not always resemble those in 4.x. QS has been set for Advanced mode from the beginning.

    My Apple IIe laser software is far, far easier to take 9 digitized image frames and create a repeating animation loop of "n" number of repeats. It takes many hours to digitize the line art on an Apple graphic tablet where QuickTrace does it almost instantly from a JPG file. But it takes a few minutes to create an animation loop sequence, where I spent hours last night with QS "placing" the 9 image frames (aka cues) into a separate cue set for repeating.

    I think it worked and sequence through the 9 frames once, then it started doing frame morphs that seems to relate to the Effects and Animate button in the Edit Frame/Animation window.

    I get the impression that QS does not allow one to assemble QT acquired image frames into an animation.

    If this CAN be done in QS (all updates applied), please explain the steps to go through.


    How the hell does one turn OFF the darn EFFECTS contortion animation?

  2. Well finally after many, many attempts over many, many hours, I unraveled the the steps to create an animated cue from original artwork.

    One note of importance, when constructing an animation queue, never click on Effects or Animation buttons because if you do, it seems you will have permanently changed the cue to do frame morphing transition animations as I've fine no way to "undo" them.
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    Hi, Lasermaster1977!
    Please take a screenshot or video of the source material and what you got. Maybe there is a shorter way you don't know about it yet.

    Please take a screenshot what "he darn EFFECTS contortion animation" you mean by that.

    You don't have a "Undo" button working?