Can't make a lasersystem with more than 1 QM2000

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  1. Manuel Pastene

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    Hi all, let me explain my lasersystem.

    I have two QM2000 (and their respected lasers) connected to a switch and my computer connected to the switch. I'm using the DLL to make a Delphi program to let control the lasers, this is loading and displaying different frames when clicking buttons.

    I'm completely able to make it work for the Scanner Number 1, but the moment I instruct to display a frame onto the seceond laser, nothing happens. I've been trying for weeks already and haven't been successful.

    Do I need to start session with every QM2000, using BeginSessionEx procedure several times? It is as if the only lasser that the program can reach is the first one.

    I can supply code if asked.
    I hope someone can come up with an answer.
  2. Pangolin

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    We'd recommend you look at the Asteroids example code, which is a part of the LD2000 SDK which you no doubt have.

    As we discussed in a different thread, the problem is that you're trying to address "scanners", but this hasn't been done for more than 15 years (since before the year 2000). Now everything is done using zones.

    All "boards" (i.e. "scanners") must receive all instructions. So SetWorkingScanners should always be -1. If you want something to only be projected by "scanner 2", then this must be routed to a particular zone (normally zone 6) and then you send something to that zone.

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    William Benner