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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Buzzy, Mar 11, 2016.

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  1. Buzzy

    Buzzy Member

    I just installed version 2.5 from CD then updated as found version 2.7 here. I would like to know what has changed and wonder where the Change log is? (I did search but alas no joy.)

    PS I get an annoying message that there is a new version (yes I read why) but I wonder if there is any way to stop it keep appearing as I have to wait 10 seconds before I can close it - who had that dumb idea, that's what an "ok" button is for!!
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  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Dear Buzzy,

    Actually 2.8 is on the web right now. This solves the message that you have been seeing.

    And I'm sorry to disagree with you, but people are so used to just clicking OK without reading, that we found very often that people would just click OK for up to a whole year without reading the message. No kidding! The "wait 10 seconds" was placed there as a result of our observing user behavior with previous versions...

    Regarding the change log, if you look in the ABOUT box, you will find a tab called "Version Info". This gives you a *very brief* explanation of what was done in each version.

    Suffice it to say that, with tens of thousands of QuickShow users, we receive reports about problems, misunderstandings, and legitimate bugs, and because of this, we are constantly adjusting and improving the software. QuickShow has been updated 477 times since 2009! It's always a good idea to keep up with the latest version.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Buzzy

    Buzzy Member

    Slightly arrogant?

    Thanks for your full and open reply and it's great to see how you listen! I did suggest keeping the date method as I know many people don't have permanent connections to the internet - it's just that nagging you each time you start up the product is a bit much (as a newbie, we are and do that!) hence my suggestion it's limited to one nag a day.

    Yes your product is a market leader but that doesn't stop you listening to simple feedback from a "fresh user". The fact that the product does look very dated and doesn't support basic 21st century things like keyboard short-cuts, drag to move of tabs etc or that you don't simply just create a space where anyone that is interested can check what features you have added.

    I appreciate you probably do know your customers well and hence you have kept the product simple, but I have to confess that for the price of this software is a bargain compared to other laser software out there.

    Anyway, what it does is great.
  4. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    I actually do believe you've had a good suggestion insomuch that, what we call "the first notice" (first alert that there is a new version) should not require people to wait 10 seconds.

    We've updated how that works in QuickShow 2.8 and we will retain the new behavior for future versions. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Regarding your assertion that the product looks "very dated" I have two responses. First, I disagree (other than the fact that it's not "dark"), and second, the appearance of QuickShow is exactly the way we designed it. To be brief, it looks "fun" and it's even used by Soccer Moms who -- in our testing -- prefer the bluish appearance. The buttons are big and bubbly. Everything you see on the screen is indeed BY DESIGN after a year of testing in the field.

    Regarding dragging tabs around, we've seen other products that do that, and those products fail in the hands of soccer moms. I am absolutely dead serious that QuickShow is for people who can't even spell the word laser (many spell it with a Z).

    You may not understand what has made QuickShow so successful in the marketplace, but if you want more power, dragable UI components, lots of keyboard shortcuts, and 50 help files and help videos, we welcome you to check out BEYOND -- a demo version of which will be available very soon.

    When people purchase a Pangolin product they generally enter into a relationship with us that lasts an average of 15 years, over which we continue to provide software updates for free, and additional content. We therefore INCREASE the value of the software product over time, with no further payment from the customer. I know of no other company on earth that does this.

    If you think we're getting rich by selling QuickShow, I will invite you to visit our modest office, and meet with the people who make it. The money we earn from selling QuickShow and the other products is simply reinvested in new product development and software updates -- a few of which you will see very soon in QuickShow 3.0.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  5. Buzzy

    Buzzy Member

    By dated I was referring to things like not supporting shortcut keys (no CTRL C etc), the installation in to the root of drive C:, the storing of data as a subfolder of the program folder, the lack of drag in some places, the old help system etc.

    I look forward to there being a demo of Beyond, as at the moment I would find it hard to justify

    Anyway, I feel enough has been said on this - I do like much of Quick Show and as I learn to work and live with the lack of shortcut keys and slight quirkiness I do still appreciate things like the zone mapping
  6. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    We appreciate your comments and enthusiasm over QuickShow, but as great as the program is, there have got to be some limits for a simple program.

    The lack of control keys is based on our observation and past experience with other programs, that some users of QuickShow "stumble" on the keys, and accidentally activate things they didn't mean to. Then they call us and tell us "something mysterious happened", only to find out later that it was due to their carelessness. By removing these, we remove the mysterious problems people occasionally run into, we remove the support phone calls, and we remove the time involved in the user calling us, and in us responding. BEYOND on the other hand has many control keys, and, moreover even the ability for users to assign which keys do what in some places. QuickShow is for beginners. BEYOND is for advanced users.

    And actually with all of our software, we purposely install into the root because we know it works with all versions of Windows (all the way from Windows 2000 to Windows 10). QS can be installed and will work on any computer. Note that advanced users can change that choice and install anywhere they want.

    Regarding "old help system", the help system is supported by all versions of Windows and it works! It's searchable, and is complete. If you'd rather use a PDF instead, we've prepared one of those as well, and it is installed in a folder under QS.

    If you have specific questions or comments that may be addressed (like your original comment, which has been addressed in versions 2.8 and later by the way), we'll be happy to consider them, and indeed this forum is a great place for such questions. But I think the philosophical debates in which you are engaging aren't exactly moving the industry forward, and for that reason that kind of discussion should be conducted either through email, or in person.

    If you will be in Frankfurt next week, we can discuss this and many more topics at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow, which is one of the biggest each year.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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