Change Toggle zone mute on apc 40

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  1. beelzebozo

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    How do I change what zones are muted by the APC?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Settings >> Midi Settings >> "Akai APC40" settings... >> MIDI to PangoScript.

    Now press and hold the mute button you want to change on the APC40 while pressing that button, double click with your mouse on the field that will become active.

    There you will find the following code:

    midiout 0x90,0x34,0x7F // sets button color on apc40
    StoreZoneSelection // stores current selection in memory
    UnselectAllZones  // Deselect all zones
    SelectZoneName "@Z000" // select Zone name "@Z000" .. you can also use a name like "Main Graphics" or "Zone 1". My method just uses the first 8 zones no matter the name. 
    MuteSelectedZones Toggle // Mutes the zone 
    UnSelectZoneName "@Z000" // deselects the current selection
    ReStoreZoneSelection // restores the previous zone selection 
    Change this code as you wish, and close the script editor by pressing the OK button. )

    (Don't forget to save your changed midi profile under a different name!! :)