Changing color in a group of points

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by funny_laser, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. funny_laser

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    during some work at a little animation i was missing a function in LD2000.
    Is it possible to change the color in a group of points in a simple way instead of recoloring every
    single point ?
    It should be something like 'Change color in the actual group of points to drawing color'.

    Maybe its a sugesstion for Rel. 4.? :bounce:


  2. SpongePlop

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    It's a pretty long time ago I used LD200 to make frames and shows, but I believe you can change every point in another color.

    Let's see if I understand your question.
    Say, you draw a cirlcle, and now, you want a part of it (like one quarter) to be a different color?

    If I'm right, you can either select the points you want to be colored, and then choose a color. And I thought you could also select a color first, and then click on each point you want to be colored.

    Again, it's a pretty long time I used LD2000 to design! But I will check the program tomorrow, and I will update this post then!
  3. funny_laser

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    a new function in the next release solves my problem.
    Just give the first and last point of the group the same colour and use 'blend between point markers'.

    So you don't have to change every single point, this way is much faster and easier.