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    I'm using Beyond mostly for live performance, meaning a DJ is doing his set (I don't know what he will play) an I'll do a show to it. Beyond is manly made for showing a biult show so some known musik. So I'm not the typical Beyond user.
    I miss on think real hard: If you are working with more than one laser (I'm using up to 4) sometimes it's great to start with a cue on one laser, and then put laser 2 on the same cue etc. That is, IMHO now not possible. The only way ist to bulid several cues ( No1 with Laser 1 No 2 with Laser2+2 etc) That doesn't work well. It would be perfet to start lasers by tipping on the laser in the window whre you can see what is happening. Is there any chance, that Pangolin will programm that feature? Or what will it cost to programm ist for me?
    In April there will be a Pangolin schooling Day @ Frankfurt/ Main after the Pro Light & Sound. If there is anybody from Pangolin, we could have a talk about it.
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    Hi bikeraper,

    BEYOND is one of the best Live! Solutions I`ve seen so far, belive me I`ve seen quite a lot. You can achieve what you like easily with the BEYOND Universe and some Pangoscript. Just have a look at Pangolins YouTube Channel and watch the Videos about the Universe

    Best Ben
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    This is definitely possible. Use zones and the send your cue to each zone. Right click on one-cue and select one cue per projection zone.
    You can also create a delay over zones.
    With Beyond your options are endless for live control. I only do live stuff.
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    It IS possible. Take a look at BEYOND Zone Routing Effects. Routing effect control Projection Zone information of the frame. Typical effect do something with XYZ or RGB. This effect operate with routing information. There are four variations, add, delete, replace, some other. You can manipulate with projection zones.

    In Live mode, routing effect must be used on Cue or Master Live control levels. Do not use it on Projection Zone level, it is too late.

    Recommended direction - FX table. Set it to 6 rows in Configuration dialog. You will have 2 empty rows by 100 effects each. Add your routing effects there.

    I recommend to spend some time on BEYOND documentation (PDF and youtube).

    Best Regards,