Changing parameters for a single projector

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by smokeAndMirrors, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Suppose I have a 3 projector system, and had a multi-cue (capture) that sent one cue to projectors 1 and 3, and the other cue to the central projector 2.

    I want to turn z-rotation on for projector 2 only (using my connected Akai APC40). How do I do that? Is "Universe" the only way?
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    First of all, I recommend to consider Projection Zone oriented control. You need to rotate the Projection zone.

    BEYOND offer "Live Control" on at least 3 separate layers of data processing: Cue, Master, Zone. Each Cue, same as each Zone has "Live Control" object inside it that allow apply a rotation or effects.

    If the question about our profile for APC40 then Bob is better person to answer this quesion. Take into account that profile made by means of settings and PangoScript, and you have ability to modify it according to your needs. It is our main plan - to make the settings controlable by you Guys. You may rework settings, or consider additional MIDI controller, or OSC, or Universe, or some other control.

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