Check laser diodes temperature live it's possible?

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    Hi @ all.
    In past Halloween night I had a big event. I drive my five lasers. When I drive them I decide for diodes health to run them for 1 hour and 15 minutes thgen 15 minutes black out for cooled all :)
    But will be better if there is something like a temperatur counter insert in a laser case. If this one will be wireless I could have a temperature check near my pc ilda controller and then I could save the health of the lasers, for example in case the fans broken ..

    DO U know something like this?
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    I was planning to make such a unit, but most of the projectors already have temperature sensors and overheat protection. So the project was stopped.
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    The simplest way to figure out this is to put a small temperature sensor with the given LED’s. Read the rating of the given temperature sensor and its resistance will rise with the rise in voltage. You can either monitor that after specific intervals and use a small driver circuit to covert the output of the temperature sensor to voltage (by using a constant current source). Feed it to a simple microcontroller programmed to alert you whenever temperature rises above a certain limit set by you.

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