CINEMA 4D 9.6 Demo

Discussion in 'Lasershow Converter Series (MAX, FLASH, 4D)' started by gogo, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. gogo

    gogo New Member

    I download a CINEMA 4D 9.6 Demo, and copy the LC4D folder to the Plus in folder , but I can not find the
    Lasershow Converter 4D in the Render Settings.
  2. mozg

    mozg Member

    Render settings --> post effect --> LC4D
  3. gogo

    gogo New Member

    But the post effect does not include LC4D! :confused:
  4. Cat

    Cat Member

    Have you used the LC4D version for C4D 8.2 and higher and not the version for C4D10. Have you checked the post effect list which can be opened by the small triangle at the top right side in the render->post effect window.

  5. gogo

    gogo New Member

    I had found the LC4D. Thank you Cat!!