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  1. mozg

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    Hi. I need to create laser shows before we have software or hardware for lsers. I know what you think. I think the same. But I can do nothing about it... burocracy...

    What we have now is Cinema 4D. the question is:: how to ceate geometry using Cinema 4D so that converter would convert it to line?


    would that thin sweep object be converted to line or it would be converted to two outlines. or there's another preffered way of creating lines? (for me sweep object is very preffered as it's easy to animate it the way i want).

  2. Cat

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    the LC4D has a "Calculate Spline" option in the newest version.

  3. Pangolin

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    Hi Mozg,

    Let me just say that you don't really need to create "geometry" specific for the laser. All you need to do is create show content. Anything you do in C4D can be output to the laser in a very natural form. You don't need to do anything special -- you don't need to use only splines. Just use any C4D object including mesh, NURBS and even "cloth" objects. Our converter will create the laser show content from the C4D content.

  4. mozg

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    This show would be "worms" actionn. So I would need to animate splines in 3D.

    As far as I understood this "Calculate spline" option would allow me to convert sweep object to spline for laser. Or I understood wrong?

    I just need to know if i can convert sweep to spline for laser using plugin. if there is a way to do that that would make me happy
  5. Pangolin

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    The latest version of our plugin does support rendering splines directly. This works with all versions of Cinema 4D, down to version 8.2. There may be some new features in C4D version 10.0 which are better with respect to the splines themselves, but as far as our renderer is concerned, you don't ever need to do anything special.

    Best regards,

    William Benner