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    Still relatively new to all this, but I recently finished my first four-minute timeline show after mixing a great soundtrack and creating several dozen new graphics, many of them animated. The first time I played it on the projector though, I was quite surprised at how low my FPS was in several places, sometimes as low as 3-4 FPS. After pondering on this for a while and opening some of my cues in edit mode, I realized there were way too many points in nearly everything on the timeline (my cues as well as the 2000 cues that came with Beyond). I used the clean up tools within Beyond and nearly every frame still had way too many extraneous points, so I edited them by hand to bare minimum yet could still maintain a crisp graphic. Anyway, I learned quite a bit in the process.

    My question is, is there a ballpark figure that I should strive for concerning the number of points on each frame to maximize FPS on playback? I know there's a mathematical calculation based on scanner speed and your target frame rate (which my playing around with seems to be around 15 FPS). Do all you show designers think about these things when building new shows or am I over thinking all this? %)