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    This used to bug me a little, now it bugs me a lot.

    Now that I have internal Beyond commands showing up in my preview window (thanks for that tip, by the way) I can see things aren't as I expect.

    When I set the preview window to show 9 zones and set the QuickFX to "Zone" and I click on a particular zone I see that the QuickFX in use are set properly as I click from zone to zone. Also, the same thing happens in a ProTrack context. If I set my FX to ProTrack and manually click from ProTrack to ProTrack the FX in use will update as well. All good.

    If I use any other method of selection (for either Zone or ProTrack) like APC40 to select a single zone or selecting a ProTrack via PangoScript like: SelectProTrack 1 There is no FX Grid Feedback event triggered to update the QuickFX.

    Why is FX Grid Feedback invoked only upon a mouse-click to a Zone or ProTrack and not invoked when other selection methods are used? Is it a case of selection exclusivity?
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    Thanks for good question. There are several reason why it done this way, technical and logical. There is a difference between how it looks and how it works. BEYOND as multi layered design, similar to operation system. There are 100s of internal classes, 1000s of objects, 100s of internal commands. It all work under the hood, and commands may come from different places at same time. User interface is one of sources and it is not a "foundation" of BEYOND. UI is intentionally separated from the core. UI is a view, and the core may work without UI. This is question of system architecture. At the end, it is much faster to execute commands without spending time on UI.

    Anyway, separation is intention. It it not a bug. It introduced because of multitasking. If in some situations you want to update UI, or make something based on UI, then we can introduce extra commands, function and so on.