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  1. sbk

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    I'm trying to draw a real clock with the Clock function of Beyond and it works great, except that it's not looking so good when the hand frames are overlapping (see attachment).

    It would look way better if there would be some foreground / background management, so the part of the hour hand frame under the minute hand frame would be hidden.

    So is it a way to address this, or could this be changed into Beyond?

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  2. ENOT

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    Thanks for question, it is good point. Right now BEYOND can not do this. I made a note in TODO list. We will work on this as soon as time will allow. Right now we work on documentation, and try to keep it on high priority. Anyway, you are absolutely right, it would be good to add a masking.

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  3. sbk

    sbk Beta Tester

    Nice to hear that it would be possible do a masking function.

    I noticed that there is such a masking function in the Timeline, on the Event tab. I can select either Blanked inside or Visible inside, etc. Is it a similar thing? I wasn't yet able to make this working.
  4. ENOT

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    Yes, right, the talk about masking, same as on the timeline. Regarding the timeline - it works. It might be a bit complicated, but it works. The track on top should "create" a mask, and the track at bottom should "respond" on the mask.