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    I currently own with a friend 2 interfaces.

    Now we are considering building them in the projector, but I can’t find the solution, or maybe I am thinking wrong;

    The situation, each projector with his own

    I take a show of the cd.
    I want to have both lasers do exactly the same.

    I know that I can place a second scanner on zone 6, and in ShowTime route the tracks to the second dac zone(s).

    I know you can split the signal true an ilda cable. But I want to place the dac inside the laser. So each projector can use its own most optimal color palette, and has its own Ethernet connector.
    (That for example that you can assign both qm 1 and qm 2 to zone 1)

    Is there another way to configure the .NET’s in a way that they do exactly the same? In an Ethernet configuration I mean.

    Short said; clone the output to another projector without rebuilding the projection zones of each show, in an Ethernet configuration.

    Best regards, Bob
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  2. Pangolin

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    If I understand your point correctly, you want to run two separate projectors, each projector having its own QM2000.NET, and both projecting exactly the same thing.

    Lets say you have one projector assigned to Scanner 1 and Zone 1, and the second assigned to Scaner 2 and Zone 6.

    If you want to just poke around frames in LD2000 or Showtime, you can tell LD2000 and Showtime that you want to see frames projected on both zones at the same time within the "Active Projection Zones" dialog box.

    If you want a show to go to both zones, then you simply route the relevant tracks (which may be "All tracks") to both Zones 1 and Zone 6 in the track editor dialog box of Showtime.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Cyberb0b

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    Thats something i currently already do. I do that for all the zones, that are in use.. But there is no ethernet "clone" function?, (I thought glens room can do the same, if you set no delay) as i saw at the pangolin user meeting.

    For the current version afcourse i mean.

    Best regards,

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    Hi all
    1 How do I reconnect to QM Net during LD SESSION?
    Showtime is open the lasers are on and the QM NET is on
    I don’t want to exit ST because the lasers are on

    2 I have shows that are made for 1 scanner
    I now want to project the same show from 2 or more projectors
    I don’t want to split ILDA signal because of the different settings of the projectors

    In the scene level I can route each track to any scanner or scanners
    but that way I have to do it for each scene

    In Live (ST Live) I can edit each Cue to use any zone or zones
    but that way I have to do it to each Cue

    Any shorter ways to the above