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  1. whiteg

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    I would like create color filters different zone in universe (slider or button), but I can't how.
    For example, the filter (fader or button) is on, the frame (laser) color in zone1 only green, zone2 only yellow, zone3 only blue...etc.
    I think, should be the slider is better choices than button, because if I want change the different "zone filters colours".

    Unfortunately I can't write good pangoscript, I'm not a programmer. :(

    Thank you the help,
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  2. Lasernt

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    For slider:

    MainGraphics.ColorSlider=ExtValue(0,255) //MainGraphics - Name Zone, ExtValue(0,255) - Value slider
    //Scanner2Main.ColorSlider=ExtValue(0,255) // for two zones...
    FocusZone 5// zone index, 1..N. //5 - index zone "MainGraphics" (in my case)/(LC-CZ-Color recoloring visible)

    Best regards
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  3. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    Great! Thank you :) I tried, but not work and I no understand why.
    However, good idea the zones color timeshift fader.
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  4. Lasernt

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    I have it working. I use the MIDI "Korg nano Kontrol" for color control in the 5 zones.
    (5 sliders).