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    Hello members, after upgrading my green i have to turn it down for a better color balance with graphics and want to use full power with beams ;-)

    I know how to tune individual colors in LD2000 Palette but am unsure how Beyond adresses these palette settings.

    What i do is the following:

    1. Open Lasershow Designer 2000
    2. From "View" menu i choose "Instant test frames"
    3. Second option : "OK: write all 12 test frames over frames 1-12"
    4. From "Settings" menu i choose "Palette"
    5. Option 2 "Go directly to the Palette Setup dialog box"
    6. I then train each color for ever test frame for all Color balance presets
    7. I leave "High Power" selected
    8. I save from menu option "File"
    9. After saving the pallette i choose to use this as default.
    10. I press "OK"
    11. I do not train the system and leave it as it is so option "No"
    12. I choose "OK" to keep the current palette selections.
    13. I then start BEYOND to see if the palette is used.

    When i finish training, the palette is saved an i assume the one i have selected is used by default.

    Which pallette maps to what zone, and how to check this?
    Is it possible to have BEYOND use fully balanced for graphics and high power for beams?

    If i preview the "Emu" in BEYOND, the brown is more yellow than trained in the pallette, i don't understand why and how to correct this.

    When i safe the pallette i can choose that this one will be used as default but can i also use more palettes for different controllers and projectors? How to assign a palette to a controller/projector?

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    Wednesday we visited Prolight and Sound and i spoke to Alexey.
    We repeated my steps and saw the same color behaviour.

    He explained to me that we better choose to train the pallette manually and after that have the system do an automatic recalculation of the colors.
    After doing so the colors were fine again.

    Thanks for your help Alexey, we had a great time at Prolight and Sound 2014 in Frankfurt and i learned a lot from you again.