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    no matter if I use the tool, or manuel setup with down to 1% color

    When the palette gets calculated it always sets the first 1-8% of the signal lower than I adjusted it manually.

    for example I set up 1% in pangolin green color I need 48.5 of 100(2.4 Volts), because the Threshold of that laser is 0 on the driverboard to get 1% green output, for 3% in pangolin I set up 50.0 and so on.

    After it renders the palette I get for 1% 10.5, 3% 24.0, 5% 45.0, 8% 48.5,
    so at 8% Pangolin output my laser starts with 1% real output.

    Is there a way to set up fixed threshold value in the color setup, or do I have to break the seal on my LW DS900, to implement threshold on the laser driver?

    Same Problem after Palette is rendered, my blue laser dos at 100% the value I adjusted 70.5, but all other output values are taken from the white balance like 34.5 for 93%,
    but I need very very few of 445nm to mix a white and very much to get a good solid blue effect
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    If you are manually setting the values for each color or shade of grey, do not let LD2000 re-train your palette when you got to save or hit OK; tell LD2000 no since you just trained the palette yourself. What LD2000 wants to do is to take all the changes you made an average them out a bit with its own training as most people do not manually setting the values for each color or shade of grey (although I do); they usually set a few colors and let LD2000 interpolate through the rest.
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    I got still the problem, that Pangolin always takes the value for blue as single color from the white balance.

    It simply doesnt work with 445nm lasers, you need very little to get white, while most of whites brightness comes from green and red.

    So in the end when I fade blue I got the 100% value at 73.5 from the advanced color set,
    but then the 90% blue is at 37.0 taken from white balance.

    Even if I set all shades of blue manually on a frame it always overwrites em with the value taken from white balance.
    I tried to set 2 different blue colors hoping it takes only channel 3 for white balance and I could set channel 4 seperately but that doesnt work as well.
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    I also encountered a bug when I tried to set all 100 Shades of blue manually.

    No matter what I do when I draw some shades like 90 and then go into palette setup it shows me only 89 instead.

    So in the end when I fade down a blue frame I get hops between the manually set blue values and then for example at 90 from automatic color calculation.

    I cant overwrite 22 of the 99 values no matter what I do.