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  1. Edduu

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    hi, i'm having some problems at the colors with my laser

    i cant get a 100% white color

    my laser its 800mw blue, 300mw red and 200mw green. 1.3w total

    if i leave run itself without the software in automatic mode it draw sometimes white lines

    but i have to put i think the max peak value of blue color at 40%, and the minium in pangolin its 50%.

    so on white i see it like pink %).

    also i see that not all lasers have the tree colors with the same power, all ones have one more powerfull sometimes more than double than other colors like in my case -.-

    thanks :D
  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    800mW is quite high for blue. 473 or 447nm? That red looks well weedy, though. I would have expected red-power = blue-power = 2 x green-power minimum. What wavelength red is it? 650nm? This looks like a poorly balanced projector - did you buy it or build it?

    Running a laser in auto mode (from which I infer that you bought it as home-builders don't burden their gear with these DMX control boards) generally runs all the diodes at maximum power (ie no analogue control). If you see white it may just be a transient side-effect, and you are probably a bit stuck if you can't drop the blue power far enough. Upgrade time!
  3. Edduu

    Edduu New Member

    its green 532nm, red 635nm and blue 450nm

    cni laser modules with 40kpps Chinese scanner, from laserking

    its powerfull cheap and good for start with this hahaha

    someday i'll got the money for buy a kvant one :p
  4. Lasersource

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    Unfortunately, 90 Percent of the time the diode powers of the chinese lasers is not correct.... i mean the proportions of the laser...

    That is the reason that we have Kvant ;)
    Very good projectors. if you are looking for suce systems a dutch dealer is very good with price and service. send me a PM if you are interested.
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  5. TiffanyHill

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    Yes, the china RGB projector is not good, laser pens are no exception.
  6. carlettodj

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    yes it's true.
    I have a 11,2 watt rgb assembly with kwant diodes and it's perfect with dt40 wide ;)