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    Hi Guys

    I currently seem to be having an issue with the colour output slider to the right on this software. My RGB laser doesn't seem to be outputting the correct colours from what the software is displaying.
    i.e clicked on a static lj shape and set the colour output slider to green, my laser is outputting white.
    Set the colour slider to blue, my laser is outputting like a cyan instead of just blue.

    I have recently updated quickshow to the new version due to the time and date error.

    Is this is a software error, USB hardware problem or ilda cable ?

    Have never had a problem like this before. All the laser diodes are working fine too and I can control each colour on the laser unit.

    Any help would be great

    Thanks David
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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I am not able to reproduce this using build 389.

    What I suggest trying, just to make sure your slider is full on "blue only", is to take the slider to the point where a little red actually comes on (for violet, or purple, or dark magenta...), then use the left arrow key to slowly bring the slider back towards "blue" until the red laser turns off. At this point your slider should be at "blue only" and no green should be coming on. In my testing I can hit the left arrow key 6 times before any green comes on from this point but YMMV due to the laser driver your green laser is using might turn on a little bit sooner or later than the one in the laser I am using.

    If the green laser comes on when it shouldn't it could be several things, cables, driver threshold setting, projector wiring, (Check minimum voltage in your color settings; if it is higher than 0%, that could cause something like this) off the wall interference from an internal component in your projector... I say this last one because my personal projector suffered this; I literally had to turn the green laser driver around in the projector case to make some strange voltage inductance go away that was causing my green to come on all by itself... :eek: It started suddenly and I still have no idea why it started. It happens with no controller attached. :confused:

    My point is this could be from almost anything and tracking it down could be "exciting". Verifying where "blue" is on the slider is the best place to start as when I test I can get blue only very easily and exactly where the slider should be.