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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Sid Sloth, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Sid Sloth

    Sid Sloth Well-Known Member

    hi what im trying to do is have 2 lines go up and down (over 2 trackes)then meet in the center and replaced with 1 single line on one track with same colour spread. but it wont spread the colour correctly seems like i need some sort of reset track i have tried everything.
    video here:
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    video is private.. we cannot see it.
  3. Sid Sloth

    Sid Sloth Well-Known Member


    hi solved it was an illusion of the monitor.
  4. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Glad you have resolved the problem. Let us know if you need anything else.

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