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  1. Max

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    Greetings to all!
    I work on two computers with QM2000.
    The first computer studio, and at concerts works as the second.
    I frequently transfer files from one on other computer by CD or Flash memory.
    As it is necessary to use e-mail (when the second computer in the other city).
    Volume of files enough big. Whether you can develop a format of compression for files *.lds.

    Forgive for my English.

  2. Laser Envy

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    you could use Win-RAR to split the big files up before you email them.
  3. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Laser Envy has a good idea. Also, have you tried WinZip?
  4. Max

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    If you think, that I did not do it, you badly think of me!
    Try to create animation in 3dmax from 3000 staff and to compress it WIN-RAR or WIN-ZIP.
    The difference is insignificant. The special format of compression is necessary.

  5. GlennT

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    I too transfer frame files over the internet often and there is no way to reduce the size. The only way is to break up the file into blocks of frames but in the end you still transfer the same amount of file size.

    In my application, the frame file stays basiccally the same, I only add 50-100 frames or so each time plus the show file. The show file is small, but the frame file is too big so I use, a remote desktop program that allows me to transfer files and then paste them into the frame file of showtime on the remote PC. This is much quicker.

  6. Aaron@Pangolin

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    <font size="2" face="Arial">I apologize if I have offended you in any way. I was simply trying to offer a suggestion.

    <font size="2" face="Arial">I do not work with 3DSM, so I do not know how well the files do, or do not compress.

    As far as custom compression software, Bill would have to answer that one. Perhaps he will chime in on this thread...
  7. Max

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    Excuse for my English.
    It is easier to me to write in Russian, but you will not understand me!
    What for to carp at words if the sense of a question is clear?

  8. Pangolin

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    Hi Max,

    Sorry for the "large" file sizes, but they are basically necessary in order to store all of the advanced content that we have with the LD2000 system. We have done our best to have the most compact file sizes possible, and fastest frame load times. As far as I know, we have succeeded in this task.

    Note that with LD2000, all files are encrypted. This is for the protection of the artists and to prevent piracy of frames and shows, etc. I believe that this encryption has been very successful at preventing piracy, BUT encrypted data is inherently difficult to compress. Surely you are correct if you see only about a 3% compression ratio on our frames and shows.

    You can sort of "get around this" by saving the frame files in ILDA format (which is not compressed) instead of LDS format (which is compressed). ILDA format can be compressed by a factor of three or four, which is good. The bad news is ILDA format does not contain all of the advanced data that our LDS format does and so you will lose scan rate, zone, color, and other information. So the choice is yours -- compressible data but with some "data loss", or not really compressible data with no data loss.

    I guess that with the large periperation of DSL, Cable modems, ISDN, etc. along with 120GB hard disk drives being the norm, data of all programs has had a tendency to increase in size. We are currently in the architecture stage of the next generation system and, file sizes will be substantially larger, but the system will also do substantially more. Our goal then is to maintain a good cost-to-benefit ratio for things like file size, etc.