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    Every time i switch to a diffrent project zone file, de default directory that is opend is c: \ld2000\shows\,

    And have to change this to the support/zones directory where i save all my projection zone files.
    Is this by design? Cause i thought in the past, the projection zone directory that was last opend, was saved..

    This "problem" ocurres in livepro, and ld2000.

    The pallet dir works fine in that way. Everytime you open the palletes wizard, it opens /support/palletes.

    Best regards; Bob

    ps. running all the latest versions and the livepro you send me.
  2. Pangolin

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    Yes, this is by design. The reason why we put the capability of creating show-specific zone files into the software, is because normally such zone files would be used for specific shows, not really just as generic zone files.

    We envisioned that users would do one of two things:

    1. Always use a consistent zone file for all shows;
    2. For certain shows, use a zone file that is specific to that show

    Note that even if you are traveling from location to location, generally you are doing shows that are specific to that location, so our synopsis above holds.

    However, you can certainly use the system the way you are using it. It will just take a few mouse clicks to navigate to the place were you are storing your zone files.

    Right exactly. In fact it could be that palette files absolutely have to be in the palette directory, but this is not the case for zone files.

    Best regards,

    William Benner